On hearts and treasures

For the last two weeks, I believe God has been teaching me something about the heart and how it works and I just thought to share some of the highlights. A friend and I were in a bad place. To be clear, I was in the wrong. I had said some pretty harsh things  but… Continue reading On hearts and treasures

On Blamelessness

So I have been engaging in some willful sin lately and I asked God to help me repent. Today, I read Matthew 3 for devotion and two things jumped out at me: John the Baptist told people to repent and Isaiah described it as making way for God/ clearing the road for him (Matthew 3:… Continue reading On Blamelessness

I am Jerusalem – On fear and doubt

Happy New Year folks!!! I know I have been silent for a minute but its 2018 and old things have passed away 😉. To kick off the year, I thought to share my first big lesson of 2018. I hope it blesses you! Yesterday, I was listening to a sermon by Steven Furtick of Elevation… Continue reading I am Jerusalem – On fear and doubt

On John 11

John 11 tells the story of Lazarus’ death and resurrection. In reading, here are a few things that struck me. 1. Upon hearing that his friend was sick, Jesus immediately knew that Lazarus would not die. He knew the situation would be used for God’s glory (John11:4).  The Bible then goes on to say: “Now… Continue reading On John 11

Musings on Luke 22 – God’s MO and “Enemies”

Hey folks!!!! I know. I know. I have been silent for a long while and it is partly a result of laziness but mainly because I have been struggling a bit spiritually and emotionally but that is neither here nor there at this point. What is important is that God used a friend of mine… Continue reading Musings on Luke 22 – God’s MO and “Enemies”

On Genesis 4

Genesis 4 had me a bit stumped. Some mornings, I would wake up, think about what I had read and be like, “this does not make sense.” Today, I don’t claim to have a complete understanding but I can share what I know. Before we dive in, note that Genesis 4 tells the story of… Continue reading On Genesis 4