On Genesis 1 – Part 1

Our Bible study is currently doing a series called Knowing God by Name. The idea here is that God has called Himself various names throughout the Bible and these names point to who He is. Our hope is that as we begin to see Him more clearly, we begin to see us more clearly because… Continue reading On Genesis 1 – Part 1

On acting out what you know

Its been a while y’alls. I am still trying to figure out that balance between outside-work activities and making sure food is on my table even if the quest to not starve takes over my life sometimes 😂. Also, let me confess: laziness plays a part. Anyways, the Lord has caught His daughter and I… Continue reading On acting out what you know

On grace and responsibility

You probably know the drill by now. Today’s daily bread comes from 2 Samuel 22:17-20 and talks about God’s watchful eye over us. In this section of scripture, David describes how God rescued him from deep waters because He delighted in him not because He felt obligated to. When you read the whole of 2… Continue reading On grace and responsibility

On trust and rewards

Today’s daily bread is from Psalm 37:1-6, 23-27 and talks about how one of the lessons from David’s life is that we should not be deceived by appearances because the wicked eventually get what is coming to them while the righteous thrive due to their unwavering  faith in God. In reading Psalm 37 for myself,… Continue reading On trust and rewards