Musings on stillness and rest

My Bible study is currently doing a series called Knowing God by Name. The study involves daily lessons on a new name of God and one of the names for this week was Yahweh Nissi – The Lord my banner. The lesson here is that God is our victory – the banner we raise high… Continue reading Musings on stillness and rest

On Genesis 3

Genesis 3 tells the story of the fall of man and there are a few nuggets of wisdom here I would like to share: One When Eve decided to eat of the forbidden fruit, she did not do it to spite God. She wanted something good. She partook of it because it looked good to… Continue reading On Genesis 3

On Genesis 2

In accordance with my new chapter-a-day project, today’s reading is Genesis 2ย and there are 4 things I want to highlight from the chapter. Find them below: One: Genesis 2 starts out by letting us know that God rested from all His work on the seventh day. This is funny because it had me thinking about… Continue reading On Genesis 2

On Genesis 1 – Part 2

So I have started a little project where I read a chapter of the Bible (Genesis to Revelation) every day. Talk about long-term projects ๐Ÿ˜‚. The idea to read the whole Bible has been on my heart for a while and I am glad I have started and I am interested to see what God… Continue reading On Genesis 1 – Part 2

On Genesis 1 – Part 1

Our Bible study is currently doing a series called Knowing God by Name. The idea here is that God has called Himself various names throughout the Bible and these names point to who He is. Our hope is that as we begin to see Him more clearly, we begin to see us more clearly because… Continue reading On Genesis 1 – Part 1

On acting out what you know

Its been a while y’alls. I am still trying to figure out that balance between outside-work activities and making sure food is on my table even if the quest to not starve takes over my life sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‚. Also, let me confess: laziness plays a part. Anyways, the Lord has caught His daughter and I… Continue reading On acting out what you know